We ship with eco-pride, Australia-wide!

With online shopping & the rising e-commerce world, we often forget of the carbon footprint created getting the online goodies to our door!

At TVB we have partnered with @heapsgood & @sendle offering 100% compostable eco packaging & carbon neutral eco delivery.

The future is changing, but the climate shouldn’t! By offering eco packaging Australia wide, you can now shop with TVB guilt-free, cruelty free & conscious free - because we do all that filtering for you!

There is no "greenwashing", we are an openly, vegan, sustainable, cruelty free & eco-friendly company. We strive to have all our partners & stockist to have the same set of values. If we can't, we influence! Getting businesses on board, & influencing them to start their sustainable journey is just as rewarding as partnering with those who already do.