What is the
Feel Good Movement?

Giving back & raising awareness.

The feel good movement was created to raise awareness on mental health - we know it as


Healing, growing & awakening.

Our movement works by a gift box system. The box is designed to bring  a feeling of "belonging" & value to someones life. We hope to reach as many homes & make an impact.

How can I support the movement?

There are many ways you can support:


- follow

us on instagram @feelgoodbox.au

- like, comment, share & save our posts.

Your engagement helps the instagram algorithm find more followers that could benefit from our movement.

- Purchase the items you like from the small business.

Links can be found on their below profiles.​ All items in the box have been donated by their generosity to the movement.

- Pay It Forward

by purchasing a box to send to someone you know that would benefit from the movement. Click "shop boxes" link below.

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